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OEM Parts Supplier
Davis Steel Services has been supplying OEMs with parts in their manufacturing process for over 25 years.  As a fabricator/supplier, we understand the importance of of meeting deadlines and put high priority on service.  This commitment to services has earned us a reputation as a Just-In-Time Manufacturer.  We work hard to get your company the parts or assemblies you need when you need them.  We accomplish this by having our own truck fleet enabling us to meet your delivery requirements.
Davis Steel Services is a full service structural steel and OEM fabrication company with over 60 years in the industry and extensive knowledge and experience in steel parts manufacturing.   We partner with companies to offer supply chain solutions for their manufacturing needs.  We also work with manufacturing companies and engineers to get their new products and ideas from the "drawing board" to reality in a short period of time.  Our large workforce, along with our 144,000 square foo facility and large steel processing equipment, allow us the capacity and capabilities to efficiently handle most any fabrication need.
Our aim is to increase your company's production efficiency by offering:
-   Increased production capacity
-   Decreased overhead from inventory & carrying costs
-   Decreased production down-time by using up-to-date processes and technologies             -    (i.e.)  3D Modeling; Laser processing, Robotic welding, CNC cutting, etc.)
-   & Resources focused on core business (i.e. Distribution & Logistics)
DSS takes service to the next level by partnering with OEMs to make operations leaner while increasing output.  DSS supplies parts on-time so the production line keeps going without the storage problem of an early delivery, or the loss of production by a late delivery.
DSS takes outsourcing one step further witha commitment to service and on-time delivery that is outright outstanding.  For over 25 years, we've custom manufactured parts to your specific level of quality.
Virtually all Project Specifications can be achieved through the our range of manufacturing services: CNC Burning, Laser Cutting, angle and plate processing, shearing, forming, cambering, drilling, etc.
Some of the services we offer:

-   Structural Steel Fabrication
-   Initial Prototyping
-   Auto-CAD Detailing & 3D Modeling
-   Repetitive Parts Production
-   Complex Weldments
-   Welding & Assembly
-   Powder-coating/ Finish Painting

...and MORE!
You need a parts supplier that works within your time frame, not theirs.  DSS has been meeting deadlines with precision for over 25 years.  DSS is committed to using state-of-the-art equipment and the most efficient delivery system that combines our own truck fleet, common carrier and rail to make sure you get exactly what you ordered, when you need it.
Parts, components and assemblies are delivered when they are needed in the OEMs assembly process...not before, when they will cause storage problems...not after, when a late delivery can keep an OEM from meeting production goals.
-    OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)
-    Oil & Gas
-    Transportation/Trailer
-    Agricultural Equipment
-    Communication
-    Industrial Machinery
-    Material Handling
-    General Industry
-    Welding Shops & Erection Companies
-    Any company or person who needs steel or steel parts.
If your company is needing to fill gaps in supply chain operations, needs custom fabrication or wants to prototype a new product, please give us a call.