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If you need raw steel, processed steel (cutting, forming, punching, shearing, etc.) or repetitive steel parts, talk to our sales department. Davis Steel Services stocks most structural steel shapes and sizes, including: angles, beams, channel, flats, bar grating, floor plate, expanded metal, plate, sheet, pipe, tubing, cold finished products (rounds, squares, flats), and much more. In addition to keeping a large stock of material, Davis Steel Services provides many pre-fab Services. 

If your company needs a business partner to fill the gap in your supply chain, Davis Steel Services' OEM supplier department would like the opportunity to earn your business. Over the past 25 years we have been partnering with companies needing steel parts. Our commitment to service is shown through our addition of new technology and new equipment. This commitment earned us a reputation as a Just-In-Time Parts Manufacturer. Our drawing programs include AutoCAD, SDS and CADKey. These programs enable us to accurately move your drawings and dimensions to our CNC machinery for precise parts manufacturing. 

How does this all happen? Next stop, our warehouse bay where it all begins.
Sales Department:
Let's start in the back of the warehouse bay. This is where our stock material is located. Davis Steel Services keeps up to 8,000 tons of steel in stock (that's 16 million pounds). Our purchasing department works with both domestic mills and importers to keep the highest quality of material in stock and our prices competitive.

Once your order is sent to the shop, one of our three cranes in warehouse bay retrieves the material. Our cranes can handle just about any size material. Each of our cranes can move up to 10 tons.

Your material is now ready to move to one of our fabrication areas. Where your material goes now, depends on the material and the type of processing it requires.

Next we will visit our saws.
Our saw area consists of a cold saw, two band saws and a CNC anglematic. The cold saw has the ability to cut 36" beams. Davis Steel Services' two band saws cut material up to 19" wide. Our CNC angle machine combines cutting and punching of angles economically and efficiently. This machine can cut and punch angles up to L6x6x1/2.

Next stop: torch and plasma turret punch.
If your project has fabricated plate or sheet, this is the starting point. Our plasma turret punch (left) can fabricate plate up to 3/8" thick. With CNC controls, plasma burning, and 50 ton, 44- station turret punch, this machine is ideal for efficient and economical plate and sheet manufacturing. The MG Thermal Machining Center (right) cuts plate to 6" thick. If you need intricate shapes and curves cut out from steel plate, our torch can handle the job. Our CNC heavy plate duplicator (not shown above) can punch holes up to 1-1/4" thick in plate, channel and angle.

Depending on your requirements, your steel will now move to either the forming bay, welding and fit up bay or loaded onto a truck for delivery.

Our next stop on this tour will be in the shearing and forming bay.
Torch & Plasma Turret Punch:
Cincinnati CL7-A Laser Cutting System:

This system incorporates the latest in resonator technology, motion control systems, electronics, beam delivery, fiber optics communications and software technology to greatly enhance machine productivity, performance and accuracy.  Equipped with 4000 watts of power it will cut up to 3/4" thick plate with amazing edge quality.
-   CNC controlled with touch-screen operator controls.
-   4000 Watt CO2 Fanuc Resonator
-   Accurate to within 0.001”
-   Dual pallets for continuous operation.
-   Capacity-6’X 12’sheet size up to ¾”thickness.
-   Able to cut both steel and stainless steel.
Robotic Welder:

Fast, accurate, consistent, and never takes a break.  This machine can meet the demands of high volume production runs.
-   OTC Daihen Inc. AX-VCL Robot
-   CNC controlled
-   Fusion Arc welding
-   Utilizes 3 welding stations for optimum production.
In our shearing and forming bay, we have two shears, four press brakes and a plate roll. Our largest press brake (left) is a 350- ton Hydraulic Press Brake that has the capacity to form plate up to 3/8" x 12'. The shear on the right has the ability to shear plate up to 3/8" x 12'. Not shown is our plate roll. This machine has the capacity to roll plate ¼" x 8'.

When your material has been formed, it will move to the welding and fit up area, paint bay, or bundled for delivery.
Shearing  & Forming Bay:
We have our own truck fleet consisting of three tractors, two bobtail, and several trailers. Please check out our delivery schedule to see when we are in your area. We deliver throughout central Texas and our list of stops continues to grow (see our delivery schedule under the About DSS Tab).

Thanks for visiting. Please contact our sales staff if you have questions or would like a quote. 
Welcome to Davis Steel Services' facilities. Located a couple miles off Interstate 35, we are easy to find. Our shop building is 144,000 square feet. Our Staff in the office building next door is ready to assist you with your steel needs.       
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